Tim Lake

Cell: 1-714-673-5682

Website: www.timwlake.com

Email: tlake@timwlake.com

Download: Resume

Desired Position: Software Engineer


C/C++ experience 5 years

C# experience 2 years

Lua experience 1 years

Additional experience with 3D math, Java, Python, Unreal 4, Unity, Windows API, and Unix


Proximity                                                      Mar 2016 - Present

A 2D exploration/puzzle RPG using my own game engine written in C++ using Visual Studio and OpenGL.


Carbine Studios                                           Feb 2015 - Mar 2016
Software Engineer I (UI) on WildStar

    WildStar is a 3D Free-To-Play Sci-Fi/Fantasy MMO game written mainly in C++. I worked with a large team of 200+ developers. I interacted most with the UI team (three other Engineers, two Designers, an Artist, and my Lead) and Gameplay Engineers.

  • I created, optimized, and maintained UIs written in Lua and APIs written in C++. I implemented and maintained the upsell changes across UIs when WildStar transitioned from the subscription model to free to play.
  • I used Visual Studio, Perforce, Jira, internal tools/API for load testing, and modifying databases.

Game Engine and Game

Worked on my own game engine in C++ after graduating college and I am continuing work on it now with the goal of creating a exploration/puzzle game with it.

Torque 3D Particle Mod

Modified the Torque 3D engine particles in C++ using Visual Studio so particles interact with physical zones which provide dynamic forces on the particles in real time instead of following a script.

Battery Life

Fast paced 2D side scrolling game made in C#. The team consisted of two other programmers and two artists.

  • I worked on player speed and timing, the collision system, procedural generation of walls, background, and foreground
  • I used Visual Studio and the XNA Framework


2D top down adventure puzzle game made in Game Maker 8. The team consisted of one designer, two programmers, and one artist.

  • I worked on the introduction, first puzzle room, the last puzzle room, Boss fight, and the ending

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science
California State University Fullerton