Thursday, July 15, 2010 at 10:04PM
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Cathedral from Tim Lake on Vimeo.


Cathedral was inspired by the 2010 Global Game Jam that a group of students from CSUF participated in. Different pairs came up with ideas for a game and presented them to the entire group. After the presentation, we formed groups with ideas that we liked or with students with the skills that we needed. We spent the next two days working on the game. Our group decided to use Game Maker 8 because of how easy it was to make a game with it. None of us had used Game Maker before so we had to quickly learn how to use it. When we tried to follow our design that we had, we encountered a number of problems that we had to work through. By the end of the two days we had the introduction complete, the starting room, and the first level finished.

A couple of the programmers and an artist decided to see the game through to completion. We ended up working on bits and pieces of the game throughout the whole semester. When the semester ended I quickly worked out the remaining issues and took it to the testing phase. I had testers go through to find any bugs and they did a great job uncovering bugs.

You can download Cathedral by clicking here. It is a 2D puzzle style game.

It is an executable that doesn't require installation. It runs on Windows only. I hope that you enjoy the game and provide any constructive feedback about the game.

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