Battery Life
Monday, March 7, 2011 at 8:18PM
Tim in Battery Life, C#, CSUF, Global Game Jam, Global Game Jam 2011, VGDC, XNA

Battery Life from Tim Lake on Vimeo.


For the Global Game Jam 2011 we used C# in XNA. We used XNA so that we wouldn't have to worry about a lot of the low level technology during development. Our team consisted of two programmers and three artists. We got the game finished within the two day period and I did some polishing up afterward. I also added in the sounds and music.

I created a collision system right away using AABB. Then I generated walls and the floor from tiles. I procedurally generated the walls position and color. We also programmed a procedural background to create a unique feel every time. Our artists exceeded above and beyond the requirements and created foreground objects. We did not have time to put them in during the game jam but I went back and added them in later. I also added a start screen, credits, Xbox controls and let the player replay the game without needing to leave the game. The other programmer spent a lot of time working on the animation of the robot as well as the controls of the robot.

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