Tuesday, March 15, 2016 at 3:19PM
Tim in C++, Carbine, Carbine Studios, Lua, Software Engineer, UI, WildStar


I created, optimized, and maintained UIs written in Lua and APIs written in C++. Implemented and maintained the upsell changes across multiple UIs when WildStar transitioned from the subscription model to free to play. Optimized the Who UI which involved a large rewrite of the UI. Implemented the loyalty page in the Store which stylistically details the players' loyalty rewards and maintained the Store as well. Implemented a new button state in the UI engine and updated necessary tools. Implemented multiple UI engine fixes and refactored the Live Event addon. Worked closely with Designers and Engineers in the refactoring of the Character Panel and implemented public event messaging for the Arcterra zone. Worked on fixing an internal testing tool. Reworked upsells when we began working on the China free to play changes and wrote two new addons for the China region. Implemented multiple APIs for Lua and wrote patch notes for my addon and API changes, which are public facing. Also used version control software in developing WildStar.
Everyone at Carbine Studios was great to work with and working on WildStar has been such a fun journey. I'd be happy to work with them again if I ever get the opportunity.
At Carbine I used Visual Studio, Perforce, Jira, internal tools/API for load testing, and modifying databases.



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